Mahooa’s Construction and Development cc (MCD) has been in operation as a close corporation since2005, it is a young, dynamic black owned construction company which aims to remove the sky as the limit but explore all facets of the construction industry. It is in this spirit that in such a short time MCD has expanded its services from building, renovations and electrical installations to turn-key design solutions like floor plans design and electrical design including implementation.

MCD prides itself of being women and youth empowered which guarantees our clients with diversity, energy, innovation and a broad pool of expertise and skills. In line with the company’s vision we have formed partnerships with key players within the construction industry to stimulate growth and promote the principle of BBBEE.

Company Policy

  • We strive to render a personal service with quick reaction and continuous availability.
  • We strive to add value to projects and all stakeholders through quick efficient delivery.
  • We act in the Client’s interest by offering our experience and knowledge even beyond our commissioning.
  • We offer a professional, independent service by suitably qualified and trained members.

Project Management

Project Management is widely regarded as the most efficient way of introducing unique change in the corporate world. The main benefit MCD brings to project management is the development of a strategic approach to achieving the objectives and resolving the constraints throughout the life cycle of a project.

MCD utilises the principles of “LIVING SAFETY” to develop specific solutions for the delivery of successful projects. We strictly adhere to the principle of ensuring a level of service that is responsive to our clients' needs by considering safety, cost and time factors without compromising quality and integrity. We have formed strategic partnerships with market leaders in the construction industry to insure that our clients have the convenience of receiving quality service even if we have to outsource, which guarantees quality and practical delivery without the price tag.

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